Junior programs



Mike Abate-10s4u will be conducting summer long junior tennis programs beginning June 28th, 2021.  Children may enroll anytime throughout the summer session if space permits.


There are weekly full day junior tennis programs as well as half-day morning Academy and half-day afternoon Competition Playand Junior Team tennis programs to choose from. 


The half-day morning Academy is perfect for juniors who have some tennis experience to focus on skill development.  The instructor led group uses drills and games to improve skills necessary to play competitive tennis.


In the half-day afternoon Competition Play, Mike will join with Patrick Gilhully to direct this program that will focus on point structure, match tactics, strategies and more.  This is a good choice for all level of junior tennis competitors; (tournament, high school, and high performance).


Junior Team match play will be offered for 9-weeks and will include weekly practices and Intra & Inter Club competitions.


Please register early so you can secure a spot in these summer programs.  Click here for dates and pricing information.  


As always, feel free to call/text/email Mike for more information about the junior tennis offerings, or to discuss what might be best suited for you and your child.  


Call/Text Mike at: 860-510-2596.  Email: mdabate10s4u@att.net