Court Rental & Membership

We are open to the public and you don't need a membership to play at Old Saybrook Racquet Club.

TENNIS UNITS-The more you play the less you pay at Old Saybrook Racquet Club.
There are no membership fee(s) at Old Saybrook Racquet Club.  A "Unit Member" is simply an individual or a family who purchase units to reduce the court rental rate during any given unit membership year.  Each court has a unit value, which is divided amongst the players on your court.  Example, if you play doubles for an hour on the weekend each person would have (.75) unit assessed from the total amount of units you purchased.

To start using units to pay for your court rental, you must first purchase a block of either 30 or 50 units at the FIRST block rate.  Your per unit rate will be reduced even further when you consume all your first block of units and you purchased additional unit block.  The FIRST smaller block of 30 units is an option for those who play tennis less often. oomromrofmromcromcormcormormvormvrmvormvormvormvormvrmvormvormvrmvrovormvormvormvormvormvromvormvormvormvormvormormvomvormvor
1st Block of 50 $15.50pu $775.00
2nd Block of 50 $10.00pu $500.00
3rd Block of 50 $8.70pu $435.00
all subsequent units thereafter $7.75pu
1st Block of 30 $19.30pu $579.00
Next block of 20 $15.25pu $305.00
All subsequent units thereafter $10.00pu